This box is inspired by the beautiful design of the Adobe Creative Cloud icon.
Thanks to Shawn Cheris and his team for this so inspiring icon!
It's also inspired by a Japanese ceramic box I have at home: Komonoire (Japanese accessory case).
So this final prototype is in plastic right now to experiment in real life the volume… but it will be in ceramic at the end.
This CC Bento Box was designed in:
- Illustrator CC (2014) for the vector paths.
- Cinema 4D for the 3D modeling.
- Photoshop CC (2014) for the 3D Printing optimization using the Sculpteo preconfigurations and to push the 3D model in the Sketchfab 3D viewer.
And finally pushed in the Sculpteo portal… shipped 3D printed in a week :)
Plastic prototype with hazelnuts in it and its cover.
Plastic Prototype with hazelnuts in it and its cover flipped.
Plastic Prototype with hazelnuts in it and its cover semi opened.
Plastic prototype and its cover on it.
Plastic prototype and its cover.
Plastic prototype flipped and its cover. 
Notice that the CC convex marks on the back of the bento box is smaller than the concave CC marks on to of the cover. So it's possible to easily stack several boxes on each other.
Filled with Creative Cloud cookies.
Cookies created with my Creative Cloud Cookie Cutter prototype :)
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