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[FR] Tutos on
[FR] Chips&Tips (AdobeTV Show Archive): 
Color / Comic Book Colorization Links
Photoshop Addons Installers: ColorizClean, ColorizStack and Colorization 
Colorization Addons PDF User GuideClick here to download the PDF 
Colorization Addons 
[FR] Books on Comic Book 
[FR] eBooks on Comic Book 
[FR] Article on the main Book: by Geoffrey Dorne on
[FR] Article on Naïts (my co-writer): 
Adobe MAX 2015 Conf. on Color (with Rufus Deuchler): 
Adobe MAX 2013 Conf. on Color 
Slides on this Color Theory 
Animation Links
Photoshop Addons Installers: AnimDessin and AnimCouleur 
AnimDessin Addon PDF User Guide: Click here to download the PDF 
AnimCouleur Addon PDF User Guide: Click here to download the PDF 
Animation Addons 
I build AnimDessin for/with my friend Reno /
Photoshop Animation Tumblr 
Post on AnimDessin by Olivia 
[FR] Article on AnimDessin by Franck 
School of Motion Tutorials on AnimDessin: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4 
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