Creative Cloud Cookie Cutter
This project was a way to play with Photoshop 3D Extrusion and Printing capabilities and also to have to experiment with cookies :)

As a disclaimer: These models are just prototypes and they are not supposed to be Safe Food Production Ready Product. The next step of a prototype like this one would be to go in industrial production following a classical object design process: engineering, material studies, safe food material validation…
Chocolate and Matcha Cookies cut but not cooked yet.
Cookie Cutter Prototype Process
1. Vector Paths prepared in Illustrator for the Photoshop Extrusion.
2. Extrusion and Extruded Shapes Compositing in Photoshop.
3. Photoshop have features to optimize and repair 3D models for 3D Printing (online services or local printers).
First Prototype
First version and test of the CC Cookie Cutter. The elevation of the Extrusion was OK but not enough for a nice print in the cookie.
Second Prototype
Second version of the CC Cookie Cutter. It was a better visual design but it failed because of the to large surface of the cookie dough in touch with the Plastic. So it was too sticky for a good demolding.
Final Prototype
Final Prototype.
The Nice Part of the Project: Testing!
Cutting the cookie dough and removing the outside.
Before and after the cooking.
Creative Cloud Cookies inside the Creative Cloud Bento Box :)
The Creative Cloud Bento Box is detailed in this Behance Project.
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